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{{#customtitle: ¿How to publish in Wikiagro? Creating an article|¿How to publish in Wikiagro? Creating an article}} To publish in WikiAgro you don't need to know any type of special syntax.

Before starting a new article, please be sure to take a look at the Wikiagro User Guide.

There are several ways to create a new article: we've created boxes to help you to write different article types, please see the items below.

Using a box

This is the most straightforward way to create a new article, just enter your article's title below, and click on Create!

You'll start a new article with no predefined content.
<createarticle> type=createarticle editintro=MediaWiki:IntroCreateRoot default=Article title align=left width=70 buttonlabel=Create! br=no </createarticle>

Create a Troubleshooting Guide

This kind of articles are aimed to solve common issues regarding the use of the tools or services.

Insert the title for the TG and hit Submit. Please remember to use a good one.
<createarticle> type=createarticle buttonlabel=Submit align=left width=70 br=no </createarticle>

Suggest an article

Perhaps you're having trouble finding an article covering your needs? No problem: Ask nicely an editor to write it for you! You can suggest a topic here.
Please insert the title of the suggested article and click on Suggest!. Keep in mind that it should be as short and concise as possible.
<createarticle> type=createarticle default=Suggested article title buttonlabel=Suggest! align=left width=70 br=no </createarticle>Here is the complete list of suggested articles.