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These instructions should help you write an article. If you're not satisfied with it, don't worry: the beauty of a wiki is that all things are fixable, by you or by the community.

Before you start writing your article

  • Choose a topic carefully; one that is not already covered. Search to make sure.
  • Gather together the information and the pictures, videos, maps, flash animations, screenshots and/or graphics of any kind that you might want to include in your article. (Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words)
  • Research from other books, websites, magazines, white papers and publications of any kind. You are encouraged to use facts that you learned elsewhere so long as you credit those sources and don't plagiarize. (Remember to include references)

About your article's title

The best titles use the fewest words possible. They contain the key words that someone would put into the search box if they were looking for it.


It's the best way (along with good title) to let the community know about your article, so it's an important feature of it.